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Bank of Scotland (Ireland), already one of Ireland’s most successful business banks, has now become a full service bank with the rapid development of its personal banking business under the Halifax brand. To find out how you can contact us please click here, and for the locations of our branches please click here.

Halifax is the new name for Bank of Scotland (Ireland) personal banking. Halifax provides personal banking products such as mortgages, loans, savings, credit cards and investment products through its branches and over the phone.

This combination makes for a Bank that is here to bring customers change for the better.

Find out more about our Personal Banking products.

We are part of HBOS plc, one of the largest banks in Europe, and to visit the HBOS website please click here.

Brief History

Bank of Scotland (Ireland) started off, in one form or another, in 1933 as ICC Bank. In 1965 another bank, Equity Bank, was founded and this was bought by Bank of Scotland in 1999. In 2001 Bank of Scotland (Ireland) and ICC Bank merged to form the bank that we are today.

In 2004 we announced that we would create a new retail bank with a branch network and provide a number of personal banking products to consumers in Ireland. In 2005 we bought a number of ESB Shop Electric shops that formed the basis of our branch network.

We became known as Halifax at the end of 2006 and prior to that our personal banking branches and products were known as Bank of Scotland (Ireland). Bank of Scotland (Ireland) is already known as a very successful business bank and has operated in Ireland in one form or another for over 70 years.

In 2005 we purchased parts of the ESB retail business, which went on to form the basis of our branch network – the first of which opened in January 2006.

In the Spring of 2007, Halifax introduced Ireland’s best value current account to complete the suite of personal banking products and make Bank of Scotland (Ireland) a full service bank.